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ADsnap for pizza venues self advertising use

From now on pizza venues can use  in each one of their pizza delivery the new ADsnap pizza stopper (in the same cost as they pay for the existing one) that can promote their menu and their other promotions materials direct to their customers home and with much more add value.

ADsnap For the EDDM companies and their Advertisers clients use

EDDM companies can collaborate with their pizza venues clients and their other advertisers clients to promote their business in the most effective and economic way by joining together or by the pizza venues alone in order for them to obtain a maximum Advertising results.

ADsnap will promote Advertisers' messages inside people's homes in the most surprising way without needing a postage stamp or any human distribution service cost.


Promotional print materials that pizza venues and EDDM companies can use by working together with ADsnap

flayers, magnets, post card, code coupons, menu, coupon book, membership magnetic cards, and other promotional products


pizza venues can print their AD materials in any local print shops and make them  ready  for their customers home deliver

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